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Beautiful Greece Crete Summer Eco Tourism

I once visited Greece on a holiday with my friend. I went to Heraklion airport, took the bus to chersonissos and booked a hotel. So far so easy. I then rented a scooter, and went -in beautiful weather- to Malia. Malia is a tourism paradise.

But with that scooter i went inside of Greece and enjoyed the beautiful Eco state of Greece. The subtropical weather and the nice vegetation really are breathtaking. Late at night i went back to the hotel parking my scooter in a secure area. Then i went into the city.

The nightlife there is also beautiful. It’s nice and warm -even in the night- i will certainly give a positive advice if you are planning to celebrate your Holiday in Greece. Kalimera means good morning and Kalispera means good night. That is what i remember from it. I even took a video shoot from the rally which i participated in with my friend. We enjoyed the holiday very much, we went out walking between the high palm trees because of the beautiful nature Greece has to offer. Crete is definitely a beautiful island in Greece. A boat trip is recommended. I went to several restaurants in Greece , Crete, it’s cheap and very tasty.

If you like food, Greece is it too. I spent hours watching the beautiful nature and so once in a while i went swimming into the sea because of the hot weather . Do NOT forget to bring suntan with you. The beach is very beautiful. Go ahead take a stroll along the beach , you will find nice sea shells. be carefull because some shells you may not take with you because they are protected species. It helps to ask if its allowed, so you will stay out of trouble.

If you book a hotel, book one with air conditioning. It can become very hot during the day . Temperatures are much more pleasant in the night when it is summer. When you drive around on your rented scooter you will enjoy the landscape, please be sure you rent a good powerful scooter because of the many slopes around. Its fascinating how friendly people from Greece are.

The friendly people with koboloi ( a kind of necklace) which point at ancient Christian influences. Its also nice to visit the excavation site where they are researching the Knossos. Beautiful ancient history of Greece, any nature lover would like to spend his holiday in Greece…

After a week having fun on Greece , Crete, it was time to go home again. But i already want to go again next year, because i love the nature so much, and the tasty food was delicious, and the friendly approach was beautiful.