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Australia Travel

If you crave wide open spaces, beautiful beaches and abundant wildlife then Australia is a must see! Australia is famous for its unique wildlife such as Koalas and kangaroos, celebrity exports like Nicole Kidman and Kylie Minogue and foods like witchetty grubs and Billy tea. Australia has a number of popular tourist destinations and several adventure travel experiences to explore.

Popular Tourist destinations:

Australia is a very large country so there are numerous tourist destinations, some of the most popular include:

-Sydney-with the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach and Luna Park Sydney is a popular pick for tourists.

-The Gold Coast-the gold coast has 57 kilometres of beach, theme parks, international shopping, dining and accommodation facilities and is home to the Lexmark Indy 300 and many surfing events.

-The Whitsundays-the Whitsundays features over 70 idyllic islands and the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef is heritage listed, features stunning coral reefs, abundant wildlife and can be seen from space.

Adventure travel experiences:

Australia is one of the few countries where you can experience a true outback experience. In some places in Australia you can drive for days without reaching a major city. If you want to travel to Australia to experience the outback then there are several adventurous destinations to try:

-Head to Broome in the Kimberley region-here you can drive along the famous Cable Beach. Cable Beach is a 22 kilometre long white sandy beach with clear, turquoise blue water. A highlight is taking a camel ride along the beach at sunset.

-Visit the outback town of Kununurra-this is where the movie “Australia” was shot from. It is a contrast of sorts because one part is red and dusty and the town itsel is like an oasis due to the mighty Ord river. Nearby is the Argyle Diamond mine.

-Drive the Gibb River Road-this is a corrugated dirt road that is known to be one of the roughest roads in Australia. A highlight on this trip is stopping at Windjana Gorge to witness crocodiles in their natural habitat sunning themselves by the river.

-Visit Uluru (formerly known as Ayer’s rock) and the outback town of Alice Springs. This is the area where Princilla Queen of the Dessert was filmed.

-Explore Kakadu National Park-this world heritage listed national park was the scene for parts of the Crocodile Dundee movie.

What’s the Cost of getting to Australia?

Flights from American start from around $1500 and flights from Europe start from around 700 pounds. The major Australian airline is Qantas.

Once you arrive in Australia you will find many choices available to get around; the hire car industry is large and competitive, there are bus tours, train tours and another major airline called Virgin Blue which provides flights to many Australian cities. Virgin Blue typically offers discounted airfares compared to the major provider Qantas.

Discount travel:

If you are somewhat flexible with your travel times you may be able to obtain discount flights. March, April, May, October and November are not peak travel times and thus cheaper. To get the best price you should aim to book at least 3 months in advance. The key to getting the cheapest flights is to book an Australia travel package which combines flights and accommodation. A major Australian travel agency that offers competitive packages is Flight Centre Australia. Others to try would be Escape Travel or Harvey Norman Travel.

There is also the option to backpack around Australia. The Australian government grants many short term work Visa’s if you want to work your way around the country.

The importance of travel insurance:

Australia is certainly a beautiful destination, but it also has its perils; namely some of the world’s most deadly spiders and snakes. Outback travel can also involve driving in rough terrain which does carry certain risks. Australia has excellent facilities to assist in dealing with an emergency, but these can be very expensive. For example if you got into strife somewhere remote you would need to be flown to a major hospital. Therefore it is seriously recommended that you take out travel insurance.

Travel Australia! It’s sure to be a trip to remember!