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Asia Winter Vacations

Asia is one of the best vacation destinations in the world. There are beaches, jungles, exciting cities and fascinating temples and monuments, and the best part is that Asia is also one of the most affordable regions to travel to. Here are some of the top countries to visit in Asia in the winter.


Malaysia is less visited than its northern neighbor Thailand, but those who have traveled to this southeast Asian country have fallen in love with it. Malaysia’s cities Kuala Lumpur and Penang offer interesting architecture, some of the best food in southeast Asia and good markets for shopping. Just off Malaysia’s coast are holiday islands that attract visitors from around the world for beautiful beaches, good snorkeling and diving opportunities, and tropical scenery.


Thailand is an excellent country for holidays and perfect for the whole family. It is affordable and generally safe, although after the troubles in Bangkok in the recent years it is best to stay informed about the political and security situation. Thailand has tropical islands and beaches, ancient Buddhist temples, buzzing cities from Bangkok to the smaller but just as interesting Chiang Mai, good food and a welcoming and efficient tourism industry. Traveling in Thailand is easy and services for tourists are of a high standard. Try the islands in the southern part of the country, spend time shopping and sightseeing in Bangkok or explore the northern part of Thailand with its national parks, mountains, forests and villages.


Vietnam is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination. For years the country received mainly independent travelers and backpackers on a shoestring budget, but today it has a booming tourism industry and attracts holidaymakers from different parts of the world. Vietnam is one of the most affordable destinations in the region and has colorful cities, historic sites and natural beauty especially in the famous Halong Bay area.


India is a country like no other: there is so much to see and do here that you need more than just one trip to really experience India. This huge country is more like a continent in itself, and has a stunning variety of natural and cultural attractions. There are mountains and beaches, deserts and forests, modern cities and small countryside villages, Hindu temples and Islamic mosques, old palaces and forts, sacred cities and holy gurus. If it is just a beach holiday you’re after, India has that too: Goa is one of the cheapest places in Asia for a beach vacation.