Do you know a state capital where there are no roads in and out? You can only reach it by boat or plane? Well I do! Juneau is the state capital of Alaska and if you want an adventure then travel Alaska.

Getting there can be an adventure in itself, Alaska air travel is to Alaskans like a bus or train to the rest of us, it is an important part of their lifestyle, and popular sea planes, although small are a bit scary. Ferries run between many ports and again are the normal way to get about Alaska, but once in a town there are buses, taxis and hire cars for you to continue your Alaskan adventure.

I visited Alaska as a passenger on a large cruise ship, but the trips were such that the groups of people were small and the tour guides, some of whom were Alaskans were excellent and told us so much. The First nation people were really interesting and continue many skills passed down through the ages.

Alaska is cold and can be quite wet even in summer, boots and suitable clothes are essential if you intend to do some serious walking. Camping sites are available but care is needed as Bears are inquisitive and may come looking for your food!

The Mendenhall Glacier is about 12km from downtown Juneau, in the Tongrass National Forest and helicopters fly over to give you the best of views. The Hubbard Glacier is accessible by boat only and the Captain takes the ship as close as he safely can for travellers to view the glacier calving, beautiful blue ice. It was just amazing to stand on the ship and watch this piece of nature calve before oue eyes, the noise is like thunders and depending how much ice calves you can see it fall into the sea.

Icy Strait Point is only accessible by smaller boats and so our cruise ship ferried people ashore by lifeboat, then take your life in your hands and try the zip line, the longest and highest in the USA. Everyone screams as they race down to the beach. We were able to go on a tour of the small village and learn about life there and how they earn their living. The old canning factory had been turned into a wonderful area where the local crafts were on sale. Our Alaska travel cruise also called at Skagway where you can travel by train to explore further , or coach and cross the border to Canada, much faster than the gold prospectors did many years ago. View waterfalls, watch the eagles , look out for mountain goats. Ladies of the night tempt you into the musuems to see what life was like for the women who entertained the prospectors! There were many shops too, trying to get you to part with your money, perhaps a diamond ring for a loved one?

Travel to Alaska and experience Dog sledding, go whale watching,fishing, discover the meaning of Totem Poles, ride on Gondolas climbing to the top of mountains and experience stunning views. If you fancy an adventure in a kayak then you can join a group and perhaps you’ll see whales, seals or dolphins. Alaska has something for everyone and I wasn’t disappointed.
You can travel to some parts by car or motor home and experience the countryside more, and the scenery is spectacular, the roads were OK where we travelled but that was in summer time!