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Airports with the best Food Options

There was a time when dining in an airport was a rather dismal affair. There might be one restaurant or cafeteria and not much beyond that. These days, most airports have food courts, gourmet dining and at least one good coffee shop. There are however, some airports that are real standouts when it comes to the dining options they offer.

Dallas/Fort Worth

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport does not come under the heading of normal airport dining venues. It is way beyond the average. There are 120 ways to dine and drink at DFW. Granted, it is a large airport with many different terminals but still, 120 is quite an impressive number. When you are craving Mexican food, there are five different places where you can satisfy that craving. Everything from simple tacos to more complex meals is offered. Are you hankering for BBQ? Three restaurants would be delighted to help you enjoy the best that Texas has to offer. Dickey’s BBQ kiosks has five locations around the terminals Fourteen separate Starbucks outlets are available, that’s a lot of latte! You can have Italian, fast food; American and ice cream just to mention a few. It really is a dining bonanza at DFW.

Zurich International Airport

With the largest food court in Europe, Zurich International Airport has some interesting choices to offer the diner. Of course, you will find traditional Swiss food including fondue. You can opt for a more Asian flare or indulge in sushi. You will find the ever-present McDonald’s as well as options for pizza and several Northern Italian restaurants. There are casual cafes as well as formal restaurants. There is a little bit of everything. There is something for everyone at Zurich International Airport.

Singapore International Airport

Changi Airport has consistently been voted one of the best airports in the world. It would be a shame if that greatness did not extend to their food, but rest assured you will not be disappointed with the dining options that are offered in Singapore. There is halal, vegetarian, fast food, sushi, Indian and even a Hard Rock Cafe. Looking for Japanese Ramen? Head to Ajisen in Terminal 3. Craving Thai? Lerk Thai has an excellent executive chef who offers over 100 different food items in a very traditional Thai style, also in Terminal 3. Chinese cuisine is offered at several different locations throughout the terminals. The cuisine at Changi Airport is certainly International. There are numerous coffee outlets as well as the more traditional tea.

There are many other airports which offer excellent dining. Seattle’s SeaTac wins kudos for its seafood and chowder, as does Houston’s George Bush. Chicago’s O’Hare offers some great bratwurst and Denver has Mexican food to rave about. If you are a fan of Five Guys, you can get your burgers and fresh cut fries at both Reagan and Dulles Airports in Washington DC.

These days more and more airports are providing some healthy dining options. You can get a salad, fresh fruit or a smoothie. It isn’t just about fast food outlets and pizza at most airports anymore. You may not be able to get a meal on your flight but you certainly will have plenty of dining options at these airports.