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Airline Travel with Families – Yes

Most definitely yes, airlines should give families traveling with children their own section on the plane.This should especially be true for families with children 10 and under. The reason I say this is because when a child is 10 the expectations of the child acting well is greater, therefore behaving should not be an issue.

All children have their moments of good and bad behavior. They are like little unpredictable sponges.They soak everything up and at the most inappropriate time let loose . Air travel is one of those times. A parent can be the most prepared parent on the planet. They can have toys, activities, food and extra clothes and necessities but kids will be kids. They will make their wants, needs and yes, unhappiness be known and all around will suffer. This is especially true on an Airplane. Space is limited, freedoms are restricted and expectations are great on the parents and the child. Clearly having a specially designated place on the plane for families and their children will not solve every issue but it would help in the long run.

If all airlines would let all parents with their children either board completely first or completely last and then all over passengers, this would help greatly. Allowing parents to fully load and get seated without the disruption of the other passengers would be a big help. Getting your child or children settled with a toy, food or game and getting all the luggage and other items properly stowed before being jostled or harassed by the other passengers would go a long way in getting the flight off to a better start. The parents wouldn’t feel so rushed thus being more calm and projecting that calm on to their children.

Next Airlines could designate special seating in the back of the plane. Why the back of the plane? Several reasons. If all families where to board first and move directly to the back of the plane this would cause less congestion for the rest of the passengers who would board faster. Families could calmly settle their children and stow the luggage without feeling harried by single or business travelers who have no patience for families. Another reason that families should be in the back of the plane is because it is near the washrooms. Closer to the wash facilities would man less disturbance of other travelers with multiple trips that young children seem to need. Also the closer to the wash room the fewer the accidents young children are apt to experience as parents can get them there quicker. Food is another consideration. The food and drink cart usually starts from the back of the plane for coach travelers. Seeing to the needs of families first might seem selfish but in the long run will only benefit everyone. If children are made comfortable in the beginning with a choice of beverage and snack then they don’t get mad and impatient. Seeing to the families first is not a selfish act. It is more like catering to the needs of the whole flight and ensuring that everyone is happy.

One of the most important reasons airlines might want to designate a special area for families is to promote peace among all travelers. Having most of the families in a special area is a great idea and hopefully a major airline will try it. Children could make new friends and possible entertain each other. Parents could help each other if they are traveling alone. Most of the crying and fussing would be in one area and less disturbance for others in the rest of the plane.

Being in the back of the plane has another advantage as well. When it is time to disembark parents wont feel so rushed. Since normally the plane unloads slowly front to back this would give parents more time to collect their wits. Parents would be less rushed and less pushed by other passengers to unload quickly. No I am not saying that they can take their good ole time. Not at all. But being pushed and pressured from those behind you when you are in the middle of the plane is not a pleasant experience. Passengers eager to get off and impatient with all the stuff you have and it only makes you as a parent more harried and stressed. Once off the plane Parents would have more time on the Breezeway to open strollers put jackets on and gather their wits for the next part of their journey. The other passengers would be gone and not trying to impatiently get by you and jostle you and your little one.

Airlines should really give this a try. There will be some families who will not like this and there will be some who will love it. With all things nothing is perfect. Trying something new would have its good and bad points but in the long run it will be better for all