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Airline Reviews Klm Royal Dutch Airlines Flying with Klm Flying to Europe with Klm

KLM are also known as Royal Dutch Airlines. The company is based in the Netherlands and flies to 125 different destinations all over the world. The airline has a fleet of over 110 planes. The company has been running for 90 years now and is one of the world’s most well known airlines. The main hub airport that KLM use is Schiphol airport which is located in Amsterdam. Many people fly to this airport before continuing their journey using KLM.

KLM has a good customers service. I have never had any major problems using the airline. It’s easy to book flights with them over the internet and then easy to find any information you may need. At the airport the staff are helpful although maybe not the friendliest of staff, but they do their jobs well enough.

On transatlantic flights the airline do all they can to make you comfortable, you are given travel pillows and blankets to make you more comfortable. They also dim the lights so you can get some sleep if you want. The food they serve is of a good quality and you get regular meals that are filling and nutritious. They also provide you with plenty of drinks and there is a good selection of both alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages that will suit every taste.

The entertainment on board is excellent. You get your own little entertainment centre to use while on the longer flights. You can choose from over 80 different movies, there are also lots of TV shows with different episodes. You can listen to music, they have around one hundred albums to choose from. You can also play video games, or just sit back and watch the flight tracking system to see exactly how your flight is progressing.

The stewardess’ are very nice, and all very helpful. They are obviously Dutch but speak excellent English and are easy to understand. If you have any questions or problems they are quick to help and always have a smile. The seats are very comfortable and there is average leg room. The toilets are of a good standard and all the facilities were excellent.

KLM seem to have good prices as well. They are generally at the lower end of the spectrum when you look for flights. I have always been happy with the prices they have quoted me for any flights I take with them.

Overall I would say that KLM are an excellent airline. They fly to so many excellent destinations and seem to take care of their customers. The service you receive on the plane is very good and everything seems to be modern and of a high standard. If you are flying to or from Europe I would strongly recommend using KLM airways. They really are a very good airline.