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Advice to Travel

If you have plan to take a long distance trip and make your travel easy, I give you the following advice taking from my own experience. I’m sure that will help you a lot.

Buy E-ticket on line:

To Save money and avoid delays my best advice is buy your electronic ticket on line with your favorite Airline. They are several airlines to buy e-tickets that offer the best prices for you. If you have enough patience buy your ticket two months or one month in advance. I consider, this is enough time to reserve your seat, and find a very special price for your ticket. Don’t jump and buy it at the first price that you find, take your time. Then, when you find the right price, right schedule, right accommodations, right stops, or non-stops, don’t think twice, buy it right away!

Get Information about the country that you are visiting:

If you don’t know the country that you have plan to visit, I strongly advice take your time to search information on line or call the embassy of the city. For example: get information about rate change, safety streets, hotels, immunizations, child permission, visas, and do not forget to check passport expirations. It is very important because you would avoid hard time when you don’t bring with you all the requirements to travel.

Reduce items in your luggage:

Don’t put all your closet in your baggage because it will take long time in the airport. In addition, you must pay extra money if your luggage is overload. In other words, save money and time filling your baggage with the specific airline requirements and weight it before your trip. You can’t believe me! How easy will be your trip if you bring everything right to the airport.

Go on time to the Airport:

Go to the airport three hours before your flight to avoid unexpected events in your arrival, such as cancellation flights for bad weather or waiting in a long line.

Make your Travel very Comfortable:

Don’t forget to take an extra small pillow for your lower back special if you travel for many hours. Using an extra pillow for your back, you will get a right position and your lower back will be thankful with you at the end of many hours trip. Don’t forget my advice and have a wonderful, easy, comfortable and happy long distance trip.