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Advice to South Korea

Are you planning to go to South Korea for a vacation? You should remember these essential advices before you leave. Beware of some restaurant, pick some poplular places to visit, and take enough money to South Korea to exchange the money. This could be the best vacation in your lifetime.

First advice, beware of strange restaurants. In South Korea, some restaurants are creepy. They sell dogs, ducks, goats, and sometimes snakes. If you want to try these food, you could, but I recommend you not to try. The foods might not be so sanitary. South Koreans eat these foods because of their beliefs. South Koreans often believe that dogs, ducks, goats, and snakes make you healthy. But unfortunately, these foods do not make you any healtier thatn you are. Theses foods make you unhealthy and you could get various diseases.

Second advice, pick some poplular places to visit. If you go to South Korea without planning a tour, you might think South Korea is boring. But, South Korea is not boring at all. If you pick some places to visit before you leave, you could enjoy being in South Korea. For example, you could visit Gyung Bok goong. It is a palace that lasted for few years. You could learn Korean culture and have fun by trying it. You could also visit 63 building. It is a 63 floor building. It includes restaurants, aquarium, and movie theatre. This is a great place to buy some presents for your friends.

Third advice, bring enough money. Some people bring few dollars and say ‘I would not need anymore money’. Some people believe they do not have to use much money in South Korea. That is a mistake. If you get to South Korea, there will be lots of things you will need to buy. There are lots of gift shop. You might even be addicted to shopping. Take about 200 dollars. I recommend you to be prepared to get to South Korea. Do not take few dollars and regret once you get to South Korea.

There are lots of places to visit in South Korea. It is a good country to visit for vacation. Please do not think that South Korea is a bad country just because I said some cons about South Korea. I said the cons about South Korea to warn you about some dangerous things in South Korea. If you took my advice and went to South Korea, you will enjoy this vacation. You might be saying ‘I’m not going to South Korea. I like my country!’. Believe me, If you do visit South Korea, you would want to come back again.