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A Visitors Guide to the Na Poli Coast in Kauai Hawaii

The Na Pali Coast is located on the island of Kauai in the state of Hawaii. This coastline is recognized as one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. It is inaccessible by car. It can only be viewd by foot, air or sea. The ancient Hawaiians traveled this coastline by canoe. The Na Pali Coast is 17 miles long on the Garden Isle’s west side. Wind and water erosion have taken a million years to form the cliffs that are 4,000 feet high that line the coast. It has lush green valley and waterfalls. There are also mysterious sea caves. This coast has a long history behind it and it is known that it once protected the Hawaiians from invasion. The waterfalls helped the Hawaiians construct fishing and farming settlements.

Today there are people from all regions of the world that come to tour the Na Pali Coast. There are boat tours and helicopter tours available for visitors. Visitors can also enjoy hiking, swimming and fishing. Nearby there are homes, condos and hotels that offer excellent accommodations to visitors. There are also resorts and budget condos. You will experience some of Hawaii’s most beautiful natural scenery in this area. Many nature lovers are attracted to the area. People also come here to explore and learn about the culture and cuisine. The flora and fauna are unique. You will enjoy breathtaking views.

This area is known to have heavy rainfall. There are tropical forests and trails that reach about 11 miles long. Ancient Hawaiian ruins can be be seen along the trails. Camping is available in the area too. To tour the whole coast, you will surely need more than one day.

Kayaking and mountain biking are other activities that people enjoy here. The trail runs through dense forest and follows cliff edges and you could see the waves 100 feet below. This is a lovely place to relax and enjoy a family vacation. There is so much to enjoy for everyone. You will never experience a dull moment. It is truly an educational experience as well because there is so much to learn about this coast. You will surely enjoy a peaceful and serene part of nature when you visit the Na Pali Coast. Many people who come to tour the area always return. You can plan a trip to the Na Pali Coast online to save time and money. You will really be glad that you did because you are in for one exciting adventure.