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A Visitors Guide to the best Cultural Monuments to Visit in Karachi Pakistan

The city of Karachi is filled with monuments that are as old as the city itself. From architecture left over from the days of the British Raj to modern construction just twenty years young. This article will highlight some of the best cultural monuments to visit in the City of Lights.

The Quaid’s Mausoleum near Soldier Bazaar is a gorgeously constructed tribute to the great leader. Its domed top is moonlighted on special occasions like Eid and the Quaid’s birthday on 25th December. The inside is lit up with a dazzling chandelier which was a gift from China. The outside is a beautifully decorated garden, flowered with exotic plants imported from all over the world. On balmy Karachi evenings, it is quiet pleasant to take a whiff of the sea breeze and relax on the cool grass. So this is one spot you should not miss.

Next the Empress Market in Saddar is another cultural spot. It is not exactly a monument but this is the place is where all manner of exotic vegetables and fresh produce from the sea is available. It is a landmark from the British Raj and going there is like stepping into history because apart from some additions in the area nothing much has changed in the decades old history of the market. You will also find all kinds of pets available at Empress Market, birds, turtles, fish, animal-enthusiasts of all kinds flock to the market to purchase them.

Another monument of the old city is the Merryweather Tower. It is a brick column with a clock built into it. When you get there, just imagine yourself in a sepia-tone picture garbed in Pakistani 60s attire. That’s how strong the atmosphere at this place is.

A symbol of the presence of the Christian community in Karachi is the St. Patrick’s Church. It draws Christians from all income groups and the kids from other ethnicities in the surrounding schools also like visiting the Church to get a feel of what it is like there. You too will also enjoy photographing the traditional exterior and interior of the building.

The Mohatta Palace is the Quaid’s place of residency in Karachi. It is now converted into a museum of sorts where Pakistani photographers and artists display their work. Relics from the past are also on display in the Palace.

Hope this guide gives you an idea of where to go and what to see to breathe in the culture of Karachi.