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A Visitors Guide to Kilkee Things to do in Kilkee Things to do in County Clare

Kilkee is a small coastal town on the east coast of Ireland. The town sits in County Clare and is a popular spot for tourists. The town only has a population of around one thousand five hundred people but it seems a lot bigger due to the large amounts of tourists that come to visit the area. This has long been one of Ireland’s most popular resorts and the area continues to attract many visitors year after year.

If you are looking to stay in Kilkee then there are plenty of excellent options. When it comes to hotels the Marine Hotel, Haplins Twinhouse and Lynch Ocean Cove are some of the better hotels in the town. These all have good reputations for good service and nice rooms. There are other smaller bed and breakfasts in the town and also some nice little guesthouses. There are hundreds of holiday homes in and around the town. There are a few holiday parks which offer lots of houses together all available for rent. Some of these are very nice whereas some are al little run down, but most provide a decent standard of accommodation. There are also a few camp sites in the area which provide a good cheap alternative.

The little town itself has plenty to keep visitors occupied. There are lots of interesting shops to look around ranging from practical shops to shops offering beach goods and souvenirs. As this town relies so much on tourism you do often find that the shops are seasonal, meaning if you visit in the winter many of the shops are shut up. There are lots of pubs and bars in the town, many of these have a good authentic feel to them and the atmosphere is always warm and friendly. Down on the seafront there is also a good fish and chip shop and a really good takeaway that serves really good kebabs.

There are lots of things to do in the town. There is a large leisure centre offering lots of sporting facilities. There is a family swimming pool and fun centre which is great for children. There is a good quality golf course which has some stunning views along the coast. There is an arcade that older children will enjoy and lots of nice little cafes that serve nice food and drink.

Probably the main attraction in Kilkee is the coastline. The beach here is lovely and often gets the Blue Flag award which means it is very clean and well maintained. Just round the bay there is a massive reef which is a fascinating place. When the tide goes out there are large rock pool you can swim in. The wildlife in this area is incredible, the rock pool are full of crabs, starfish, fish and I have even seen a conger eel in one of them! There are often seals bobbing up and down in the waves and dolphins can sometimes be spotted out at sea. The Atlantic is very spectacular and the waves often come rolling in and splash against the large cliffs. There is a cliff top walk around the headland which provides some amazing views of the rugged coastline. This really is one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the whole of Ireland.

Kilkee really is a beautiful little town with so much to offer. The scenery and coastline is wonderful and there is plenty to keep everyone happy in the town itself. If you have never visited the town then you really are missing out. Next time you are in the area go and have a look at Kilkee.