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A Visitors Guide to Blackpool Things to do in Blackpool Places to Visit in Lancashire

Blackpool is a large seaside town situated in the West of Lancashire. This town is world famous as a tourist destination and yet in recent years it does seem to have fallen from grace somewhat. The town has a population of almost one hundred and fifty thousand and gets very busy in the summer months when tourists flock there. The town is really split into two sections, there is the main town where all the normal shops and houses are and then there is the promenade. This is where all the razzle and dazzle happens and where people generally go to visit.

If you are looking to stay in Blackpool you must be careful. There are hundreds of small guesthouses in the town, but many of these are run down and very unpleasant. Often you just get groups of lads and girls on stag and hen nights using these places as somewhere to crash. There are however some nice hotels and if you shop around you will find something that suits your needs. There are also a few caravan sites in and around Blackpool which offer a cheap alternative for somewhere to stay.

The main area of Blackpool has a good standard of shops and facilities. There are all the usual shops you would expect in a big town and lots of things like leisure centres and swimming pools. There are some good pubs and bars in the town centre that offer a decent atmosphere, there are also some good places to eat ranging from posh restaurants to curry houses.

The reason most people come to Blackpool though is for the seaside. The beach at Blackpool is a long stretch of sand that runs for miles. Although this is not the nicest beach you will see it can be a good place for a stroll. The North Sea is not really seen as the nicest sea in the world as it does tend to have high levels of pollution but the fact is that it is being cleaned up and it is safe to swim in. There are often donkey rides on the beach which prove popular with children. Blackpool also has three piers which stretch out over the sea and often have shows and entertainment on.

Another massive attraction is Blackpool is the famous tower. The largest structure of it’s kind in Britain the views from the top of the tower are stunning. Below the tower there is the famous Tower Ballroom where they often have live music, dancing and other entertainment. There is also a fun little indoor theme park type place below the tower which is great fun for children.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach also attracts millions of visitors each year. Located on the seafront this pleasure beach can be a great day out for the family. There are lots of white knuckle rides and plenty to keep you entertained all day long. Every year the illuminations light up the sea front as the dark nights close in, these are another tourist attraction that has been going for many years.

To be perfectly honest Blackpool is not as nice a place as it once was. During the day time it can be a magical place, but at night it can be a dangerous and unpleasant place. Blackpool attracts a lot of societies unpleasant people and often at night you just see large group of drunken men and women staggering around in very few clothes, they swear, they fight and then they vomit. It can be like Sodom and Gomorrah at times. That said if you avoid the nasty areas and don’t visit the sea front at night then Blackpool still does have plenty to offer.

So if you fancy an old fashioned seaside town that still has much to keep the whole family entertained then maybe Blackpool is for you. As long as you avoid the rough areas it really can be a great fun place to visit.