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A Visit to Disney Resort

California is full of great places to visit. The best vacation destination in California is hands down Disney Resort. Disney Resort offers a safe, family environment with a lot of entertainment and things to do.

There are three great hotels in the resort itself that offer many amenities. There are also great hotels close by that are called “Good Neighbor Hotels.” The Good Neighbor Hotels have some great amenities and must meet with Disney standards to have good neighbor status. Many of the good neighbor hotels are within walking distance of the parks. The whole area is safe. Families do not have to worry about crime.

Disney Resort consists of two fun theme parks and a shopping district. Even the entrance area to the resort is fascinating.

Downtown Disney District is one of the most amazing places to shop and explore. The buildings are all beautiful and the atmosphere is magical. It is a great way to begin a resort vacation. Music plays overhead in the whole district. There are many different shops to enjoy: The World of Disney store, Anne Geddes store and many more. The streets are alive with musicians at night. There are fancy dining restaurants such as Napal, and the Rainforest Café, casual dining and counter service restaurants such as Wetzlels Pretzels. If a person wants to see a movie while on vacation, the AMC theatre is a part of Downtown Disney too. It is like being in a small, comfortable town where visitors can find many things to do. The whole area is upbeat and fun.

Disney’s California Adventure Park is the newest Disney Park at the Disney Resort. It is historical California. DCA offers many rides and attractions that are fun for the whole family. DCA consists of five great lands for guests to explore and enjoy.

Sunshine Plaza is the entrance and gateway to the park. Many parades take place here and guests can do some shopping at Everything Under the Sun store and get ice cream in Brr Bank Ice Cream Parlor. It is fun to watch a parade while eating ice cream.

Hollywood Pictures Backlot consists of many great attractions. Crush the turtle puts on a show in Turtle Talk with Crush and Mike and Sully take guests on a fun adventure through Monstropolus on Monsters Inc. Guests can also survive on Tower of Terror. There are other shows to see and some fun places to eat. The backlot is a piece of Hollywood.

Paradise Pier is where guests can feel like they have stepped on the beach and are at an amusement park on the Warf. There are some exciting rides at the Pier, a wild rollercoaster, visit with the toys on Toy Story Mania and view of the whole park on the Sun Wheel.

The Golden State is a step back to the rustic California times. There are great places to eat and many fun things to do in the Golden State. Visitors can Soar over California and take a ride on the rapids on Grizzly River Run.

A Bugs Land is a fun face for kids and adults. In this land guests can find out what it’s like to be a bug.

Disneyland is the original Walt Disney theme park. Disneyland consists of eight magical lands where guests are whisked away into tomorrow, yesterday, fantasy, and lands far away. Visitors can visit the land of pirates on Pirates of the Caribbean. Sing with audiotronic dolls in It’s a Small World and soar to the stars on Space Mountain.

Disneyland has many wonderful places to eat from fine dining to counter service restaurants.

The streets are alive with entertainment most of the time. There’s so much to see and do at Disneyland that it takes several days to see it all.

There’s a lot to see and do at Disney Resort. It takes at least five days to see everything and that is not really enough time. It is a fun and magical vacation destination for everyone, young and old.