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A Tour to Corn Mazes is Fun for the Entire Family

(Touring corn mazes have recently come back into fashion and has sprung up throughout the USA. They have become popular tourist attractions, especially for children and a way for farmers to earn extra income.)

King Henry II of England had a maze planted at his extensive garden at Woodstock, where he had installed his mistress, Rosamund Clifford. It is easy to picture the coy games of hide and seek in which the portly king and his paramour, the Fair Rosemund indulged within it. Louis XIV of France, the Sun King ordered his brilliantly gifted supervisor of gardens, Andre Le Notre, to design and plant one at Versailles. And in the town of Castlewellan, Ireland is the largest hedge maze worldwide (Guinness World Records).

You don’t have to be King Henry II or King Louis XIV to enjoy the fun of walking through a maze and be amazed in finding your way through the labyrinth. Wherever corn is growing in farmland USA you will find a maze. Weather is the deciding point in touring cornfield mazes; when there is a rain shower the field may be a bit muddy and not conducive for an enjoyable outing the best seasonal time for a visit during the prime time when corn stalks are green and high in August and September season, even in some areas a mid July visit is in order. During the October months when the corn maze looks frayed and dry there might be a connection with Halloween celebrations. Don’t worry about your purse, as the cost of visiting a corn maze is relatively modest. Expect additional entertainment, depending on each site some may offer hay rides with a picnic at the end of the journey, other farms will make allowance for animal petting by providing a small supervised animal corner and a play corner for your children. Corn mazes are an adventure some are easy routes while other mazes are with bridges, some with tunnels, and a few have slides. Some corn mazes work on a theme and have treasure maps for clues to traverse the labyrinth; others offer daunting treks at early evening hours for older members of the family where you traverse the twists and turns under the light of the moon don’t worry about loosing your way at the early night hours, as you will be given clues for your adventure. (Check night tours for the visiting hours at each individual farm). A touch on your mouse to a definite corn maze will give you all the pertinent information when planning a visit to certain site. “Lose yourself” for a little bit and come with your family on an outing to a corn maze nearest your home. Corn Maze Central – http://www.cornfieldmaze.com/site_list.html

For additional fun for the entire family log on the Haunting Directory listing at Haunted House.com’ for a haunting tour http://www.hauntedhouse.com. Outside of traversing the haunted corn mazes there are pony rides, hay rides, delicious food and games…