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A lovely little sanctuary called Greer Island

On The northern tip of Longboat Key lies a lovely little sanctuary known as Greer Island. If you arrive during high tide, expect to get your feet wet in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico as you wander your way into paradise. You can also expect to be the only one there, except perhaps a contented beachcomber or two seeking seashells and sand dollars. Delight your senses as your world opens up to a breathtaking wonderland of sites and sounds like no other found on the Florida gulf coast, while the soft and soothing white sand caresses your feet

A play in contrasts with bath water warm azure waters to your left and an Australian pine forest with a private lagoon to your right. I will never forget the first time I experienced this charming place and I am certain you will enjoy the memory of it for a very long time!

The large roots from fallen trees of long ago fan out from the shoreline producing resting spots for the many egrets and herons. The soft gray salt worn trunks offer a perfect spot to sit and take in the beauty of the sparkling blue waters and an ideal prop for capturing the moment in a photograph. The mood of this luscious treasure is like no other… peaceful, magical and serene, your own private retreat.

Small thatched huts have been created amongst the tree limbs by previous beach dwellers, a perfect place to open your picnic basket or take a short nap relaxing to the rumble of the Gulf merely 20 feet away. Why not immerse and refresh yourself in the inviting water and if you get lucky, you may be accompanied by a gentle giant, our beloved Manatee, as he slowly moves along within 10 feet of where you are. I have had this amazing experience several times.

Meander through the Australian pine forest and enjoy shade from the Florida sunshine and notice the wildlife that calls this place home. Be still and listen… quite, calm and blissful. Step into the tranquil lagoon on the bayside and watch the fish jumping out of the still waters. The sand is especially powdery and soft.

Begin your adventures early in the morning, find seashells and sandollars and watch the frequent dolphins frolic and play, or come later and basque in a glories sunset.

Picturesque and a throw back in time describe this Florida beach. I love this special place so much I got married there and return often to enjoy peace and tranquility.