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A Guide to Theme Park Vacations

Theme park vacations are a fun and exciting way for a single person, a couple or the entire family to spend their time. They truly have something to offer everyone. There are many theme parks in the Orlando area, and each offers a variety of fun activities.

When making a trip to a theme park, you will want to do a lot of research into what the different parks offer. Unless you have weeks and weeks to take a vacation, you will probably not be able to see everything all of the parks have so you will want to decide which parks you want to visit and what activities within each park is of interest to you. Keep in mind that many of the parks get very busy, especially at the tourist seasons such as the summers when students are off from school. Also, the hours of the different theme parks vary greatly, even during the same week. You should find out the different hours and times. By planning well, you will be able to maximize your time.

When purchasing tickets for theme parks, you will have many different options. Most of the parks offer a variety of discounts and have different packages that you can get. There are also a number of third parties that will sell all-inclusive packages. You can save a lot of money by shopping around.

The following are some of the fun theme parks you can explore:

The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World – This is arguably one of the greatest theme parks of all time. The home of Mickey Mouse and Cinderella’s castle, it offers many exciting rides such as Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain and a variety of fun shows with characters from the different Disney productions. There are many boat rides and you explore the different “lands” in the park like Tomorrowland. There are a variety of dining experiences, from counter service to full service character dining.

EPCOT Center – This futuristic Disney park offers many fun rides and shows. They have an entire section dedicated to the countries of the world, which is as educational as it is fun. You can learn about computers, the world and many other things. Different festivals occur throughout the year such as a garden festival and a food of the world festival.

Other theme parks include Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Sea World, Universal Studios and more. Whether you are going for a quick weekend or a month long vacation, you are sure to find lots of fun on a theme park vacation.